Sunday, October 18, 2015

Delayed subs

A short notice, my internet connection went down yesterday so I can't upload any sub before it got fixed -.- (I'm currently using my phone)
I'm already done with AKBingo! episode 360 and 361 sub though. So I will upload both after my connection is up.
Sorry about this -.-

By the way, you can check about my sub release on these social media :
facebook page : ikura48subs
twitter : @ikura48subs
google+ : michaeltunardi

(and a short question : should I make majisuka gakuen 5 sub? please give me ur opinion)

That's all :3
Once again, I'm sorry about this delay -.- I'll make it up to u guys later



  1. Don't worry about the delay ! We don't mind at all. Thank you for subbing them since other teams are pretty much inactive or subbing random videos.

    I don't think you should make majisuka gakuen 5 subs since other teams are subbing it. I reckon you should just continue subbing AKBingo! or Nogibingo 5(Someone episodes are done but not completed) since no one is subbing them.

  2. It's okay if it's delayed you work very hard.

    Is it okay if i make a request just 1 episode??? I'm sorry fo asking this but I've been searching AKBingo episode 330 everywhere but still no eng subs. If its okay and not busy.

    Thank you very much for your hard work!

  3. No worries, thanks for the update on the status at any rate!
    There already are 2 groups subbing majisuka gakuen 5(eternalord on stage48 & the currently seemingly inactive group myaidol) so there is not much to do for you there. All episodes of it are subbed and the new episodes are subbed within a few days.

    As Redd Fortyeight said, If you want to sub more, I'd love it if you were to pick up some of the older akbingo episodes that don't have subs yet.

  4. Thank you for your hard work and don't feel bad about the delays. I think we all are happy to get them at all. ^^
    I would also support the people who posted earlier than me. MG5 seems covered for now, subs for older AKBingo episodes that haven't been done yet would be very much appreciated.

  5. Don't feel sorry we can wait. You're the one who's doing us a big favor here. And for that we really thank you! Otsukare!
    Regarding Majisuka, there are other groups who's already working on it. So just continue to sub other videos.