Saturday, October 10, 2015

AKBingo! episode 356 english subtitle

akbingo ep 356
こんにちは :3
Finally done with this sub, sorry it takes a while.
This episode is really fun xD many new things came out (and I really love Yukarun and her father's relationship)
I'm currently working on 358 and after that I will sub future episodes and perhaps working on past episodes which haven't been subbed yet.
Perhaps you guys could request me for what episode to be subbed in the comment below ^^

Please don't reupload or change link to my download. If you guys want to share this, share this post's link or refer people to my blog instead :3
That's all, please look forward to my next sub!


AKBingo! episode 356 eng sub, どうぞ!!

Download link : You can download the video here(360) and here(720)
Softsub : You can download it  here


  1. Thank you for this new subtitle!

    I have a request to make.
    If possible, I'd like your translate these comic moments between songs.

    Sorry for my english.

  2. Thank you so much for the subs! I really appreciate it .. Hope you will continue subs in future.. I'll always support you.. Thanks for your effort and hard work (^u^)