Saturday, October 24, 2015

AKBingo! episode 361 english subtitle

Sorry for the delay to this sub :/ my friend finally upload the files so I post this right away xD. And I already got the 361 files and currently working on it
About the hardsub in 720, my friend seems unable to upload them -.- (she tried it in dailymotion but it keeps failing. perhaps you guys can help)

I really like this episode as many song is the same song that I used to listen (perhaps because my age doesn't differ much with AKB members xD)
I'm still waiting for my new connection :/ been a week now...please forgive me if my sub comes out late 

Please don't reupload or change link to my download. If you guys want to share this, share this post's link or refer people to my blog instead :3
That's all, please look forward to my next sub!


AKBingo! episode 361 eng sub, どうぞ!!
Download Links : 
You can download the video here(360) and here(720)
Softsub : You can download it here


  1. I think you put the wrong link for the softsub. The link for the softsub is the same as the link for the video.

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  3. link fixed :3 sorry I got confused earlier

  4. I LOVE YOU!
    thank you so much for the subs! I cannot express how finding your subs just made my day. Seriously thank you so much!

  5. Thank you!
    We are very grateful

  6. Thanks for all the subs :)
    If you have the time, can you sub the rest of AKBingo episodes that haven't been subbed? you can see it from the list here
    Probably ep 221 and those clothes collection episodes. And since you like Sakura, maybe you can translate some of the HKT48 no Odekake / Goboten that has Sakura in it like Goboten 69 or Odekake 134. Of course I prefer someone to sub all the un-subbed episodes, but that would be too much.
    But hopefully the priority is still the latest AKBingo episode :)

    1. I plan to sub all latest episodes first until I make past episodes :) please wait a bit (perhaps after 362 came out I might make some past episode based on ppl's request)
      As for HKT no odekake and goboten. I also tend to watch them but.... making those subs is extremely hard given that they often use dialects when speaking :/ which is not my forte because I have a very limited japanese. Perhaps I'll do it in the future (and just watch it raw for ep 134. sakuratan is soooooo cute even without subtitle xD jajaja)

  7. Arigatou ^^
    Ganbatte nee~~ ^^

    I'll wait the next episodes ^^