Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Accepting Request!!


So, because I've mostly done with latest episode's sub, I'm going to accept request for past AKBingo sub that haven't been subbed yet. Please make note of these thing before requesting :
1. It must be an episode that hasn't been subbed in ANY language
2. It's strictly limited to AKBingo! episodes only, as that was my focus is for the moment
3. For a very old episode (2-3 years ago) please add a link to raw files (720 if possible or 480 is also ok)
4. If possible, please request an interesting episodes :3
5. I will still focus more on the latest episode (363++) and will only do your request when I have free time, so don't expect it would came out fast xD

Please submit your request to only to either facebook/twitter/google+
or the comment section below :3
I will announce later what sub I'll be making (my choice will depend on what I thought is interesting) and of course if that episode has either one of Sakura, Sasshi, or Paruru, I will most likely sub it right away xD



  1. 182-184 got Sasshi in it. 182 also got Paruru. But Sasshi only appeared in the 2nd segment. If I remember correctly, at that time Sasshi got her single out at the same time as Nogi, thus Sasshi vs Nogi.
    221 (AKB profiling) also got Sasshi in it, but this time in the main show.
    320 (fashion collection) got Paruru and Sakura as one of the main actor.

  2. For now I support Rurouni's recommendations ^^

  3. Akbingo ep 352, time pressure part 1. Ep 354 part 2 has been subbed though!

    Akbingo ep 347 and 348 Punishment buzzer quiz part 1 and 2! Ep 316 would be nice too since 315 has been subbed, but not part 2.

    That was all i can think off. Thanks in advance!! ^^

  4. akbingo ep 330 Experience with dating boys

    1. +1 For EP330! The first half was interesting, and I feel like I was left with a huge cliffhanger with no subs for the 2nd.

    2. I don't remember by who, but 330 was already subbed weeks after it aired

  5. The enthusiasm you put in your project is huge.
    Thank you .

  6. Would definitely appreciate a Muchaburi Dodgeball episode.

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  8. hello, how about subbing akbingo ep 357? it's majizuka gakuen 5 SP

  9. and how about this one? Majisuka Gakuen 5 – SakidasiSP? SAKURA and Harupi :)

  10. i want episode 237, 250-252, 258, 200, 341 please

  11. Please, episodes AKBingo! 219 - 220 , Lucky girl ranking.



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  13. like it has already been said 330 is the one I want to see subed the most. Thanks for all the hard work <3

  14. please sub the old episodes like eps 167, 182, 183, 184 etc. thank you and keep up the good work.

  15. please english sub AKBingo episode 219 & 220..
    or does anyone have eng sub of said episode here?