Tuesday, October 27, 2015

AKBingo! episode 362 english subtitle

akbingo 362 eng sub
Finally done with episode 362!! The second part of Diva Championship
This time too, many song is the same song that I used to listen (especially Nao and Erina song choice)

Ah, I also have update my old post with these 2 things :
1. 720 quality raw videos added

2. Indonesian translation sub added (credit to Gto48sub. Please check their website for more awesome subtitle in Indonesia)
Note : for Indonesian sub, it will be uploaded as soon as the translation is done so the english sub will still come first. Please check my twitter/facebook/google+ to see any update on translation :3

Please don't reupload or change link to my download. If you guys want to share this, share this post's link or refer people to my blog instead :3
That's all, please look forward to my next sub!


AKBingo! episode 362 eng sub, どうぞ!!
Download Links : 
You can download the video here(360) or here(720)
Softsub : You can download it here