Wednesday, November 11, 2015

AKBingo! episode 331 english subtitle

Finally my project's first episode is done :3 (Really took way too much time though xD sorry bout that)

This episode is so fun, because I personally like a talk segment more than any other segment xD . Also, I make this one first because many people request for it and personally, I really get charmed by blushing Yuria in episode 329 (she's soooooo cute)

I've tried uploading a hardsub videos at dailymotion (problem is if you played it in a lower quality, you can hardly read the sub xD) but uploading them took too much time (curse my slow internet). Perhaps I will focus more on hardsub if I have a better connection in the near future

A question (please answer in the comment section below):
Does anybody here needs chinese sub? I just talked to my friend who's good at chinese and he said he's willing to do the translation if there's gonna be a lot of viewers

Please don't reupload or change link to my download. If you guys want to share this, share this post's link or refer people to my blog instead :3
That's all, please look forward to my next sub!


AKBingo! episode 331 subtitles, どうぞ!!
Download Links : 
You can download the video here(360) or here(720p)
Softsub : You can download it here


  1. The 720p link doesn't work because it has "hhttp" instead of "http" at the front.
    Thanks for the subs!

    1. I also don't like nit-picking, but thought I'd mention that this episode had quite a few English mistakes in comparison to your others subs. (Can't say anything about translation as I'm still learning Japanese, just that there were some English mistakes)
      I don't know if you rushed it a bit perhaps that caused some more errors to appear, just know that we(well, certainly I) love your subs and that I am very very grateful that you are subbing so much!

    2. thanks for telling, it has been fixed :)

    3. Could you please tell me especially which part has mistakes? (the rough part would be okay)

    4. I feel kinda bad for having said it, makes me feel like an ass for nitpicking >.<

      Sadly just the rough part might not be enough, so:
      Going to be as detailed and nitpicky as possible, with a feeling of love/gratitude not with a feeling of annoyance or anything like that. Know that I am no English major nor an English native, so I might make some mistakes myself. They just jumped out to me and I feel certain enough that they should be different.
      So I welcome anyone to tell me I was wrong or to gtfo. :P

      Also know that I am basing it on pure English, no translation as again, I don't understand enough Japanese to do that.(Maybe 20% of the conversations and 40% of the text on the screen) So my corrections might be coming from the wrong direction a few times as I don't know what is being said but I'll try to take that into account by proposing a few corrections.

      First "text" is what is in the subs, second "text" is my correction. I didn't copy the whole sentence everytime to try to use less text.

      00:19 "The shop we're going is" "The shop we're going to is"
      00:52 "What kind of proposing would you like?" "What kind of proposal would you like?"
      01:04 "There's also talk about member's perspective" I believe should be "about members' perspective" as more than 1 member will be talking about it.
      01:13 "This subs" either "This sub" or "These subs".
      01:44 "This guy is very bad, isn't it?" "This guy is very bad, isn't he?"
      01:49 "Why did Oya is in my house?" "Why is Oya in my house?" or perhaps "Why did Oya come to my house?"
      01:54 "You're also coming, didn't you?" "You're also coming, aren't you?" or perhaps "You also came, didn't you?"
      01:58 "Since 2 hours earlier, Oya has arrived" "2 hours earlier, Oya had arrived"
      02:09 "Kyoko-san make her appearance" "Kyoko-san made her appearance" or "Kyoko-san makes her appearance"
      02:36 "The thing that they just bumped into earlier is more than 100 figure collection" "The thing that they just bumped into is a collection of more than 100 figures"
      02:50 "surprised with it's price" "surprised with its price"
      03:34 "I make this one" "I made this one"(and 'one' could be left out I think)
      04:10 "She say that" "She says that" or "She said that"
      04:26 "Wife's hotpot appear" "Wife's hotpot appears" (The bear-sign)
      04:43 "Are you used to be a classmate?" "Did you use to be classmates?"(The sentence feels a bit weird though, but just saying "Were you classmates?" might not do justice to the Japanese spoken)
      04:43 "We're not a classmate" "We weren't classmates"
      04:49 "she was the part of" "she was part of the"
      04:57 "can you warp your arm" "can you wrap your arm"(Unless he has access to technology I didn't know existed, we can't warp)
      05:29 "we first meet" "we first met"
      05:39 "Well, I've never date someone" "Well, I've never dated someone"
      05:41 "What kind of proposing does" "What kind of proposal does"
      05:52 "where we first meet" "where we first met"
      06:02 "how was it? The way that your friend dating nowdays" "How is it? The way that your friends date nowadays?"(Even my correction isn't 100% correct, would need to know the Japanese used)
      06:12 "There is also" "There are also"
      06:21 "being an adult and don't know anything about it" "being an adult and not knowing anything about it"
      06:25 "There's also a bit of feeling left behind" "There's also a bit of a feeling of being left behind"

    5. 07:06 "These days, there's a lot of bad guys, isn't it?" "These days, there are a lot of bad guys, aren't there?"
      07:14 "how can we tell that this guys is good or bad?" "how can we tell that this guy is good or bad?"(Or "these guys")
      07:14 "that we need to look out?" "that we need to look out for?"
      07:20 "but I also looked like a bad guy when I'm dating" "But I also looked like a bad guy when I was dating" or "But I also look like a bad guy when I'm dating"
      07:20 "Is that a also a point?" "Is that also a point?"
      07:43 "but we've gone a lot of troubles before" "but we've gone through a lot of troubles before"
      08:27 "you can just make it" "you can just make one"
      09:10 "You can try doing it at those time" "You can try doing it at those times" or "You can try doing it at that time"
      09:29 onwards "tounge" "tongue"(not gonna mention each time specifically unless it's part of the sentence)
      09:29 "I have a sharp tounge character, didn't I?" "I have a sharp tongue character, don't I?"(Possibly sharp tongued, not certain)
      10:27 "What would be good so I get called often?" (Don't know the Japanese, so this might be correct, but "What can I do to get called more often" perhaps?)
      11:06 "Do you want to be took it off?" "Do you want to take them off?"(This can be corrected a number of ways, depending on the Japanese used though)
      11:32 "Me and Mion is thinking" "Mion and I are thinking"
      11:48 "Member's choice of their own scene which has great response!" "Members' choice of their own scene which had great response!" or "Members' choose their own scene which had a great response!"
      11:59 "I get the electric chair punishment" "I got the electric chair punishment"(This sentence, although correct otherwise, also kinda sounds like she got the death penalty, perhaps shock cushion or something also fits?)
      12:04 (Not certain on what time setting was used, so might be correct) "When I do it, my reaction is really popular even among the fans They're saying" "When I did it, my reaction was really popular even among the fans(.) They said"
      12:11 "But actually, it was really hurts" "But actually, it really hurts" or "But actually, it really hurt" or "But actually, it was really painful"
      12:30 "Because Kojima lose the game, she have to push the electric chair button" "Because Kojima lost the game, she has to push the electric chair button"
      12:56 "It seems hurt so bad" "It seems to hurt so bad"("It seems to hurt so much" would be better probably)
      13:16 "who pretends to eat" "who pretend to eat"
      13:16 "director says that I must be the one that eat it" "director says that I must be the one that ate it"
      13:26 "So, by I tricked the director by pretending to eat it" "So, I tricked the director by pretending that I ate it"
      13:30 "That makes me really happy"(Could also be "That made me really happy", but that would depend on if it still makes her happy or not)
      13:32 "Takahashi's acting scene which has tricked the director is this!"(Although not wrong, I feel "Takahashi's acting scene where she tricked the director is this!" would fit better)
      13:55 "But, you're even shed tears" "But, you're even shedding tears" or "But, you even shed tears"

    6. 15:27 "a food that taste bad" "a food that tastes bad"
      15:30 "Who makes this Potato Salad?" "Who made this Potato Salad?"
      15:33 "What is your best cooking again?" "What is your best dish again?" I think
      16:10 "when eating gets really popular" "when eating got really popular"
      16:33 "She seems like a little kid" "She seemed like a little kid"
      16:43 "So when it gets popular I was" "So when it got popular I was"
      17:35 "We also prepare Oya-san's popular scene" "We also prepared Oya-san's popular scene"
      17:38 "Oya-san also have a popular scene" "Oya-san also has a popular scene"
      17:50 "Because you lose the game Oya will be blasted with the cream" "Because you lost the game Oya will be blasted with the cream"(This might already be correct, depending on the Japanese, but could also be "Because Oya lost the game she will be blasted with cream")
      18:31 "When I see into the tube" "When I looked into the tube"
      18:53 "You really think about it thoroughly" could also be "You really thought about it thoroughly"
      18:56 "Do you have anything trouble that you want to consult currently?" "Do you have anything trouble you that you want to consult currently?" or perhaps "Do you have anything currently troubling you that you want to consult?"
      18:56 "It seems that there's none" "It seems that there is nothing"
      19:21 "But there's still" "But there are still"(Although often used, "there's" is 'grammatically incorrect' in this case)

      Some timings might be slightly off, VLC mediaplayer doesn't like constant pausing and it messes with the subtitle timing.

      As I said, this sub had way way more mistakes than any previous sub of yours, but I am still very very grateful that you are subbing at all, truly!
      Normally I don't mind mistakes(Every subber makes them from time to time) but there were enough to make me want to mention it.

      Note: I don't know how long translating takes for you, but even just this took quite a while to type(1-2 hours)... Definitely adds to the amount of respect I have for you subbing this so often! Really thank you for all the subs!

    7. thanks :) all your reviews really great xD (Idk why but after reading your correction I was like, "what the hell did I think when I translate these xD I even messed up with the most basic grammar)
      thank you for those correction. I will probably fix them and reupload the sub soon

    8. No problem at all. Everyone can make mistakes and I definitely make mistakes as well from time to time that make me scratch my head.

      You might be interested in knowing is also doing 365, he also reported being halfway.
      It might be a good idea to coordinate with him if you aren't yet, so that you aren't both subbing the same episode(As both his and your subs are both of high quality and come out at a steady rate there wouldn't be too much of a time difference I think in sub releases)

      If you want me to review the English of future subs(or past) as well I'd be happy to do it, as you said below you don't have a QCer yet so I could at least do the English portion of it for you.(Though then I'd prefer to be able to send you a checked/fixed .ass instead of posting like this as this took way too long) I don't have any RL responsibilities currently(looking for a job) so I got enough free time anyway.

  2. Yupp…
    Akhirnya episode ini ada subtitelnya…

    Thanks for ikura48…

    Still waiting for IndoSub and the others subtitle

  3. Terima kasih kakak,, btw bolehkah saya reTL ke bahasa Indo?

    1. uh.. yes you may. I suddenly not in mood to translate it to Indonesian xD (IDK why)
      but please don't remove the sub marker and please give me your download link after you make one :3

  4. chinese sub is easy to find so i think it's unnescessary

    by the way, please continue 365 & 366 XD

    1. 366 hasn't even aired yet (but I will make a sub as soon as it came out)
      and by the way those 2 episodes gotta take a little bit more time for me to sub mainly because those 2 episodes are mostly VTR-kind-episode (where members in studio watch a VTR) so I have to do the timing twice (1 for the VTR, 1 for members in studio response)
      But I will try to upload them as soon as possible (365's timing is halfway done, just need the timing for the member's response and translate them)

  5. Thanks for subbing! I've been waiting it for a long time.

  6. I can hardsub and upload to dailymotion for you. It takes me less than a minute to upload 720p. If you are interested, contact me on twitter @Xanthons

  7. thank you - this is a great episode! I thought all your sub/translations were fine though grammar was a bit wonky at times as noted already. But its also conversation translation not writing so unless the meaning is completely changed I'm fine with it. Doing solo work is hard, don't know if you are having anyone QC you work before posting but you might consider it.

    1. sometimes I'm just to tired and don't pay much attention to grammar xD sorry about that (and sometimes I'm kinda moody so that's why)
      I still don't have anyone to QC my sub, but I will perhaps look for one in the future

    2. You have subbed Indo sub, may be I can subbing on your next sub,,, okey thanks a lot for your sub... 😃😃😃

  8. softsub link updated!!
    I've fixed some grammar mistakes and 1 missing translation in the previous sub