Wednesday, December 9, 2015

AKBingo! episode 369 subtitle

akbingo 369 sub
Finally all of my test is over!!!! xD
Now I'm already on a long break, so I can do the past episodes which has been postponed for soooo long :/ sorry about that
And make more sub for the Virtual Handshake Event. I have already seen a lot of request and will start working on them soon
Please do expect them :3

Don't forget to notice me if you found any mistake that I made and,
Please don't reupload or change link to my download. If you guys want to share this, share this post's link or refer people to my blog instead :3
That's all, please look forward to my next sub!


AKBingo! episode 369 subtitles, どうぞ!!
Download Links : 
You can download the video here
Softsub : You can download it here


  1. As expected :)) Thank you thank you for the subs!

  2. O.O
    this was fast... but thank you very much! respect!

  3. I've been meaning to ask, do you do commissioned translations? There's a few other AKB related show episodes I'd like to watch, but I don't understand enough Japanese to fully grasp what they're saying. I'd totally be willing to pay for you to translate them depending on how much you think you'd charge.

  4. Ane bikin translate Ke sub Indo lagi min.... gak apa apa kan? 😅😅

  5. Thank You very much for the translation and enjoy your long break :D

  6. Love your speed man. Hope you can keep it up.

  7. Men im gonna translate the ep 367-368-369 from english to spanish...
    With the propper credit to you, of course!

    When i finish the subs, im gonna post the softsubs here :D
    Greetings from Chile!

  8. Ikura san, can you provide the 360p video? my lappy sucks shit and can't handle the 720p, also thanks for the sub as always.

  9. if your spirit not low , how can we do,,,
    gambate !

  10. I've just reupload the subs after fixing some mistakes and missing part (Special Thanks to @dannychucky for notcing me my mistake in twitter)

  11. Luar biasaaaaaaa!!! terima kasih banyaaaaaakk!

  12. Thank you very much for your sub!! ^^

  13. Thanks for all your hard work Ikura!